This eclectic motel is anything but ordinary. The stories embedded within these walls will not only evoke adventure but will inspire you to create stories of your own. From the vintage records adorning the walls to the colorful restrooms you get a blast from the past, while still enjoying the convenient amenities of today. We can't wait to see you and be a part of your next adventure.

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Timeless stories await you as you step through our retro motel. But enjoy all of the comforts of home in every guest room. Explore all of our options here.

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Our Story

Imagine a place where majestic red rocks surround you everywhere you look and the thrill of adventures fills the air. Your day is benchmarked by the rising and setting of the sun and the dark skies are illuminated by the most stunning stars you have ever seen. You’re greeted by locals on every corner and you experience the best hospitality you’ve encountered as a traveler in a long time. This is the idyllic reality that awaits you in Moab, UT at the Expedition Lodge.


Jerry’s Story

Located throughout the Expedition lodge, framed in reclaimed barn wood, the paintings of renown painter Jerry Ehlers remain the focal point of each room so that all travelers get to experience this piece of history. Though the world around us continues to advance, here at the Expedition Lodge, we love these little opportunities to reflect on the beauty and stillness of what once was.


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